A Operator gives A+ Tour


By: Michael Bourgeois

On July 10, Cox oil managers visited SMI 217A and requested a thorough walk through of the facility. Cox employees at the location all agreed that Danos C-Operator Jade Romero was the best choice to lead the tour and demonstration with the assistance of the field foreman, production superintendent, HESC and operations manager. Cox Field Foreman James Ruffins was highly impressed by Jade's knowledge and professionalism:

“I am very pleased to tell you Jade did an exceptional job hosting and presenting our guest with so much information as to how this facility flows and how each piece of equipment functions. He was extremely professional and answered all of the questions he was asked calmly and clearly with such good attitude and confidence.”

Thank you Jade for your remarkable professionalism and confidence as a representative of Danos. This is what our High Performance Culture is all about. 

Michael Bourgeois

Michael Bourgeois has over 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, most of which has been as a production operator and field foreman. He has been with Danos for four years and manages the Cox and Enven accounts for production services.


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