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By: James Callahan

I recently attended a safety meeting at Shell’s Harvey facility. At the meeting, everyone was asked to make a personal commitment to safety after we reviewed the Work Safe Oath. One of the personal commitments stuck with me and I thought it was worth sharing with a broader audience. Gerald Bryant, central receiving warehouseman for Mars, committed to continued use of the “CAKES” method before starting a task:

Do not proceed in completing a task if:

  • Comply-It does not comply with company policy
  • Authority-Permission or authority is not granted
  • Knowledge-There is a lack of knowledge
  • Experience-There is a lack of experience
  • Skill-There is a lack of skill

Example of CAKES

Proceed with off-loading a container from a flatbed truck if:

  • I have the authority to operate a forklift or crane
  • I have the knowledge to operate a forklift or crane
  • I have the experience and proper Danos training to operate a forklift or crane
  • I have the skill and experience in off-loading vehicles

I want to salute Gerald for living our value of safety. Gerald clearly shares our belief that everyone should return home safely to their families every time. Kudos to Gerald!!

James Callahan

As Vice President of Project Services, will provide strategic oversight and management of the company’s project management, construction, fabrication, automation, coatings, scaffolding and other related service lines. He is charged with the successful operations of projects worldwide, providing integrated total project support for customers’ onshore and offshore activity. James is a graduate of Nicholls State University and holds a Masters of Business Administration and B.S. in Computer Science. He joined Danos in 2013.


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