Hank Danos Gets It


By: Nicole Williams

The National Safety Council has recognized Hank Danos for demonstrating a personal commitment to worker safety and health. Only eight CEOs nationwide received this honor in 2018.

Hank was recognized for his leadership in safety through measurement of owner, executive and field leader engagement in field visits, customer safety meetings, audits, BBS observations, participation in training and other safety initiatives, as well as planning and/or participating in quarterly “Safety Focus Forums,” monthly Town Hall meetings and weekly safety roundtables.

When asked why safety is a core value of your organization, Hank said, "Safety is important to our employees and their families. It is important to our customers, our communities, owners and all of our stakeholders. We realize that safety is the first and the most basic responsibility that each of us must share in, and therefore it must be core to who we are and all that we do."

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Nicole Williams

External Communication Lead Nicole Williams joined Danos in 2008. She manages external communications associated with the Danos brand along with customer events. She is a graduate of Northwestern State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising design and a minor in marketing.


Roy Simmons || 02-Feb-2018 03:57 PM
Congratulation Mr. Hank. That is one of the greatest awards anyone can get. Thanks for allowing me to be part of Team Danos.

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