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Production Services General Manager Michael Guidry recently issued a challenge on the company-wide weekly safety call for everyone to share which type of gloves they wear every day for various tasks. Operations Manager Kerry Guidry and Automation Project Coordinator Liz Baudoin decided to grab gloves worn by members of their teams and break down how each pair is used.

Operations Manager Kerry Guidry walks us through each glove used by the environmental team pictured above from left to right:

  1. First is an inner protective glove used mostly for secondary protection when dealing with hydrocarbons.
  2. Second is a light work glove mostly used for light projects like moving boxes etc. Note: This glove is not recommended for hydrocarbons or any high-impact projects.
  3. Third is a leather glove used mostly for working with chain-binders and strapping down loads on trucks, boats etc.
  4. Fourth is a heavy duty rubber glove mostly used for working with chemicals.This glove should never be used for anything besides what it is designed for.
  5. Fifth is a high-impact work glove. This type of glove is used for high-impact projects like working with hammers, wrenches etc.


Project Coordinator Liz Baudoin walks us through the two types of gloves pictured below used by Automation Services:

The G-Tek Glove or Cut Resistant Gloves above are used for wire-cutting, stripping or working with different metals.

Electrical Gloves (Arc Flash, Low, Medium & High Voltage Gloves) above are to be worn when working with live circuits 50 volts or greater.

Electrical glove classifications:

Class 00
Maximum use voltage of 500 volts AC/proof tested to 2,500 volts AC and 10,000 volts DC 

Class 0
Maximum use voltage of 1,000 volts AC/proof tested to 5,000 volts AC and 20,000 volts DC

Class 1
Maximum use voltage of 7,500 volts AC/proof tested to 10,000 volts AC and 40,000 volts DC

Class 2
Maximum use voltage of 17,000 volts AC/proof tested to 20,000 volts AC and 50,000 volts DC

Class 3
Maximum use voltage of 26,500 volts AC/proof tested to 30,000 volts AC and 60,000 volts DC

Class 4
Maximum use voltage of 36,000 volts AC/proof tested to 40,000 volts AC and 70,000 volts DC

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