Coast Guard Contract Secured for Environmental Services


By: Kerry Guidry

On April 23, the United States Coast Guard hired Environmental Services to clean out two abandoned oil storage facilities in Bay St. Elaine, just south of Cocodrie, LA. The two facilities combined had tanks with over 3000+ barrels of oil and/or water needing to be disposed of along with piping, heater treaters and drums with different types of waste.

Over 4,000 man hours were completed in a safe and cost effective manner while facing hazards such as heat stress, confined space, working at heights, H2S, NORM (naturally occuring radioactive material) among others.

Their hard work did not go unnoticed. In fact, they did such a great job, it helped secure a basic ordering agreement contract with the coast guard for future work.

Hats off to everyone involved on a job well done.

Brian Moore

Christian Knight

Clair Pepper

Fred Azema

Freddy Watkins

Jacey Blanchard

Jim Mason

Jimmy Bourgeois

Joe Ruiz

Josh Gravois

Kent Bourg

Luke Marange

Micah Neucere

Mihn Nguyen

Sadie Bouffanie

Thanh Bui

Toby Talbot

Toriono Brown

Wren Lemmon

Kerry Guidry

Kerry began his career with Danos in October 2013 as a project manager on the Deep Water Horizon environmental response team. He currently serves as an operation manager. 


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