Coast Guard OSRO Inspection


By: Kerry Guidry

On Wednesday, Jan. 14, our Environmental Services Division was inspected by the USCG National Strike Force Coordination Center and the USCG District Response Advisory Team (DRAT) to ensure compliance with our oil spill recovery organization (OSRO) certification requirements. These requirements included:

  • Training verification – 40 hazwoper certification and follow-up 8-hour refreshers for all employees in our Environmental Division, as well as equipment familiarization training;
  • Maintenance program verification – auditing of our program and recorded history of maintenance completed for all equipment; and
  • Condition and operation of equipment – inspectors randomly selected equipment to be started and run immediately upon request.

Upon completion of the inspection, the Danos team and USCG inspectors traveled to Clean Gulf Association (CGA) in Leeville, La. and performed a boom deployment exercise, including a tabletop spill drill. The USCG inspectors donned mustangs and deployed boom side-by-side with the Danos team.

For our last stop of the day the USCG joined us at the main office in Larose for a demonstration of our Vessel Management Program and our Response Management Program. Again, the inspectors couldn't say enough about how advanced our programs are in the OSRO business. To close the day, we introduced the Coast Guard team to Hank, Eric, and Paul Danos for a summary of the day's events.

Members of CGA were part of the boom deployment drill. Their hospitality and allowing Danos to use their facility to perform the drill was a big part of this success.

This was a big deal for not only our division but for Danos as a whole. The Coast Guard was not only happy with what they saw, they measured us as top notch in the OSRO industry. With my experience in this industry while working with USCG, that is pretty big deal for us. The inspectors will meet with the captain of the port to relay their findings, and a copy of the certificate from the USCG for the completion of inspection will be placed in the Environmental Services Office.

Kudos to everyone involved in preparing for this inspection. Your hard work did not go unnoticed. Below is a list of everyone in

Jacob Coffman
Fred Azema
Greg Lamulle
Doug Kunkle
Michael Deno
Mark Simoneaux
Francis Kosak

Wren Lemmon
Toby Talbot
Melissa Adams
Mike Schwertz
Jim Mason
Jeff Wilson


Kerry Guidry

Kerry began his career with Danos in October 2013 as a project manager on the Deep Water Horizon environmental response team. He currently serves as an operation manager. 


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