Coatings Impresses on Shell Projects


By: Scott Soto

Several Danos coatings crews working on Shell assets recently received recognition from the customer. See what the Shell representatives had to say below regarding the teams on different assets.

The Olympus crew was recognized for good work. The crew, working on the drill rig with continuous simultaneous operations with the drilling crew, has demonstrated extreme flexibility and ability to adapt to the ever-changing working condition, all while still completing the tasks at hand and delivering quality workmanship.

Both Mars and Perdido crews were recognized for not only completing the regular maintenance work but also taking care of unexpected break-in work and completing in a timely manner.

The Appomattox team completed 95% of the work on the southeast side and moved to the southwest using Ibex blast machines. The work is going well- very well- compared to power tool cleaning. The crew is demonstrating the value and advantages of the new technology of the Ibex backpack blasters compared to the hand and power tooling methods, saving the customer time and money. 

Scott Soto

Scott Soto started at Danos in May 2013 as a coatings foreman. He has led several projects for Williams, American Midstream, Shell, and LOOP. He now serves as project manager within Coatings Services. He is also NACE II and OCAT certified.


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