Coatings Kudos at Perdido


By: Scott Soto

Congratulations to the coatings team at Shell Perdido on a recent job well done. Foreman Minh Nguyen led Blaster Painter Tri Phu, Blaster Painter Dung Nguyen and Blaster Painter Helper Thoai Tong in completing the project during the allotted eight-day window.

The crew was tasked with setting up equipment, blasting and applying a two-coat system of Teslan coatings. They faced several delays and still managed to complete the job under the eight-day timeline.

The qualities shown by the crew demonstrate Danos “solving big challenges for our customers,” all while delivering the quality of service that will allow the asset structure a prolonged service life.

The communication and teamwork from Perdido offshore operations management to get this accomplished was exceptional. With all the personnel on board (POB) constraints and COVID-19 rules and guidelines, equipment mobilization, logistics and testing, this is a testament to the commitment Danos shares with our partner in safety, Shell, in reaching challenging goals.

Chad Weidert, paint activity coordinator for Shell, said, “Danos did a really good job on this. Thanks go out to Danos for providing the resources and equally to you all for allowing the POB space to get this work done.”

Great Job Minh and Crew!

Scott Soto

Scott Soto started at Danos in May 2013 as a coatings foreman. He has led several projects for Williams, American Midstream, Shell, and LOOP. He now serves as project manager within Coatings Services. He is also NACE II and OCAT certified.


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