Cody's Crown Coach


By: David Gravois

Project Engineer Cody Romero is a vehicle enthusiast who has recently added a 1977 Crown SuperCoach bus to his collection. He chose the Crown SuperCoach because he wanted a, "durable legacy with a backbone."

Details of Cody’s Crown SuperCoach

  • 1977 Crown SuperCoach Tandem 40'
  • 2-stroke Detroit 6-71 with 238 horsepower
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • 100-gallon diesel tank that gets 8 -10 miles per gallon
  • 218K odometer reading
  • All original paint
  • Alcoa rims and Yokohama tires

Because this tandem is a private coach, a standard driver’s license is all he needs. This coach is so unique, a couple once asked Cody if they could use it to transport their bridal party!

Plans for tricking out the SuperCoach

Initial plans include a utilitarian bunk house sleeping 4 comfortably, a stainless steel kitchen, 2 dinette-style tables over the wheel wells with bar style benches, and two A/C units pushing 28,000 BTUs that will cool the entire coach. With the huge trunk and rear emergency hatch opening being so large, he may have the option to haul 5 all-terrain vehicles.


Follow #CBRCrown

A good friend of Cody's convinced him to create an Instagram account, because the Crown was just too cool not to share. So #CBRCrown was born. Though you may think CBR represents his initials (which it does), it actually stands for Cruisers on the Bayou Rescue. This is what he and his father came up with when they first started getting into Cruisers. Cody always ends his articles with this quote. “Great minds travel the same trail. I hope to meet you on one soon!” If you want to experience Cody’s adventures, simply go to Instagram and search #CBRCrown.

Previous life of the #CBRCrown

In 1977, Cody’s Crown was custom ordered for $125k with a 35+ year service life, During this time, the more common, Thomas and Carpenter bus, was $50k with a 10-15 year service life. You may have noticed that most current school busses have white roofs. Originally the coaches were all yellow — roof and all. As you can imagine, 30 to 40 feet of yellow paint absorbs a lot of heat. Crown realized this and started painting the tops of the coaches white, drastically reducing the heat inside. This coupled with roof vents, which actually suck the heat out of the bus when driving, make summer months much more bearable.

Cody’s Crown was the only 40’ model (holding up to 97 passengers not including the driver) that a California school district had among their exclusive Crown fleet. This particular unit drove the route surrounding the school district daily up until approximately 5 years ago. When the smaller 30-35’ SuperCoaches were unable to make the mountain passes, Cody's bus was the lifeline the district relied on. Locking the rear axles, putting the snow chains on, and fording any rivers created by melting snow — the SuperCoach was able to get students to school on time and back home safe and sound. It’s all just another day's work for a Crown SuperCoach.

Click here for the full history of Crown Coach Corp.

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