Compliant Under Pressure


By: Brady Hebert

Congratulations to the crew at FMOG SS 58.  They recently completed a BSEE Inspection in which 53 components were tested with zero INC’s. This would be a great accomplishment in normal circumstances.  What made this accomplishment even more special was that this location had just brought production back on line after being shut in for six months due to pipeline issues.  

The following employees helped make this possible: Brandon Davis (left), Don Thacker (center), Keith Reed (right), Bryan Babineaux, Britt Conner, Tyronne Johnson, Clint Fontenot, and John Gomez.

Great job guys!

Brady Hebert

Brady Hebert joined Danos in 2002 as an entry-level production operator. He worked his way through the ranks and was a lead operator until joining the staff as an account manager in 2010. Brady now serves as a senior account manager for the Freeport McMoRan Oil & Gas and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation.


Jeff newberry || 13-May-2016 11:00 AM
I don't know the other gentlemen but I am not surprised to see no INC's and Keith Reed in the same sentence. I worked with Keith a couple of years he knows the BSEE regs and he lives by them. Keith is a great hand and hard worker ... great job to all of them!!!

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