Construction and Fab Complete LACT Header Mods


By: Dale Bourgeois

Great job to Danos’ construction and fabrication teams for recently completing a complicated project: Shell Pipeline Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Header Mods at Ship Shoal-332B.

Scope of work:

For the project, the team fabricated and installed a 20” x 1.031” bypass line with shut down and block valves from the incoming Caesar pipeline to the Caesar to Cameron Highway metering skids to be able to operate each of the two skids independently. They also installed pipe supports for new piping. This required the crew demolish the existing 24”x 1.5” pipe and dead leg from the Caesar pipeline to the Caesar to Cameron Highway Metering Skids.

The Project was completed in three phases.

  • Phase 1: Field verification, fabrication and installation of part of the pipe spools and valves.
  • Phase 2: 24-hour operations during the Caesar Pipeline shut in, which allotted seven days to complete the work. Demolition of part of the existing 24” x 1.5” piping and install final tie-in piping spool. Flip Spec Blinds between the metering skids to the closed position and leak test all newly installed piping.
  • Phase 3: Complete demolition of existing 24” x 1.5” dead leg piping, touch up paint and demobilize scaffolding, equipment and crew.

Project Highlights:

Before beginning the project, the team participated in extensive planning. Project Manager Dale Bourgeois and Construction Superintendent Terrell Lemoine were able to work together to thoroughly plan all phases of the project.

The Danos team performed measurement verification and identified several mistakes done by the engineering firm hired by SPLC to design the project. The firm had performed a laser scan of the platform that collected inaccurate coordinates of existing piping. Additionally, after Danos’ extensive model reviews and field verification, the team identified several pipe clashes that had not been captured by the design firm’s laser scan. Through this operational efficiency, Danos saved SPLC time and money by not having to refabricate pipe spools in the field.

Because Danos perform the field and measurement verifications, the crews fabricated piping in the Larose shop. They only needed to install the flanged connections on-site. Performing these scopes of work in the shop before mobilization eliminated the cost of mobilizing nondestructive examination and hydrotest crews offshore.

The team fabricated the pipe spools to lengths that could be safely maneuvered on the platform deck and hoisted into the pipe rack for installation. Because of the 30-foot distance between platform decks, all of pipe spools and valves were installed with a manual chain hoist. Although the platform crane was out of service during the complete shut in, because of the extensive planning and recommended fabrication lengths, Danos was able to safely demolish the existing piping, install the new piping and valves, commission and leak the system on time. The team even finished twelve hours ahead of schedule!



Dale Bourgeois

Dale Bourgeois began his career as a pipeline welder at McDermott in 1993 and has held various positions since then. He is a certified welding inspector (CWI) and worked as a third party inspector prior to joining Danos in 2017. Dale currently serves as a project manager for Danos' construction team.


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