Construction Division Gets It Done


By: Craig Gros

The construction division completed a job at the Williams gas facility which involved a total of 3,044 manhours, ahead of schedule, incident free and without any lost time. This job was awarded to Danos with a very short window to complete. The job consisted of running approximately 500 feet of 16” sch.60 pipe in the rack, approximately 25 to 35 feet off the ground, along with completing two bevels, two cold cuts, x-ray, hydro and one hot tap. This work now allows a shut-in to perform maintenance on the facility's compressors without disturbing customers offshore.

kudos to Larose fabrication team

Shout out to the Larose fabrication team for pulling all the fabrication material together along with supplying help on site. This is a great example of team work across our divisions, and their willingness to do what it takes to succeed.

The onsite crew consisted of: Jim Comfort, Scott Boudreaux, Joseph Davis, Keith Sanders, Joshua Jackson, Freddie Watkins, Donald Blanchard, Austin Long, Leal McMullen, Joseph Foret, James Stevens, Joseph Austin, Zachary Laborde and Rudiad Peralta. Great job by all!

Craig Gros

Craig joined Danos in 2001 as construction project manager. He has 35 years experience in the oilfield construction industry. When he's not working he enjoys fishing, hunting, golf and spending time at his cabin The Gros’ Nest in Mississippi. Craig has a BS in mechanical engineering from LSU.


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