Safety Meeting Cookout


By: Darren Sooter

On October 24 Danos team members gathered and cooked for about 40 people in Denver City, Texas, for the XTO Russell Fields monthly safety meeting. Permian Account Manager Aldo Chaves asked several people in his area to come and help make the lunch catering a success.

Although the wind was blowing about 40 mph in the 30 degree weather, everyone stood out there and made a wonderful meal using the Permian's new cooking trailer. Danos served rib-eye steak, sausage, baked potatoes, beans and Texas toast.

Special thanks to Danos team members who were involved with the cooking! Competency Assurance Specialist Darren Sooter cooked sausage and steaks. Aldo Chaves cooked beans. Asset Support Specialist Matt Walker made Texas toast. Sales Representative Paul Quintero did the baked potatoes, and Safety Specialist Chris Russell helped out and brought the condiments.

You can few some of the photos from the day below.

Darren Sooter

Darren Sooter has served as competency assurance specialist in the north Permian for Danos since July 2017. Before coming aboard with Danos, Darren worked as a pumper and production specialist. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, spending time with family and cooking out. He also serves as assistant chief for the Tatum Volunteer fire department in his home town.


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