Customer Commends Coatings Crew for Superior Safety


By: The Pipeline

My name is Donnie Massey. I’m the behavioral based safety management specialist for Shell Deepwater. I travel around the Gulf of Mexico to each of our Shell assets interacting with our BBSM teams and our partners to provide training and coaching. Our purpose is to help build a strong safety culture and reduce incidents/injuries throughout the gulf.

While on a recent visit to Olympus I was able to interact with the Danos painters/blasters and really get to know each of them. I have to say, I was extremely impressed with the level of interaction and commitment to safety that they demonstrated in such a short period of time (one month) being on Olympus.

Not only did they engage well with our BBSM process here on Olympus, they made it a point to take the time and observe other work groups outside of their craft. At times that can be a little hard to do from one craft to another due to not being familiar with the people or the tasks. People tend to shy away from that interaction.

I had the opportunity to do several side by side observations with a few of them. I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of the process and their sincere desire to intervene if they saw someone at risk. They came to me during my visit and asked if I would do some observations with them.

That’s what we like to see with our Partners. A willingness to reach out to others to learn and become stronger observers within the BBSM process. That speaks volumes about their character and their desire to be part of the Olympus family. Our team just wanted to reach out to you personally and share with you this recognition.

The gentlemen I’m referring to are listed below:

Andy Ho
Khanh Tran
Minh Nguyen
Peter Ly

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