Customer Control System Upgrade in Baton Rouge


By: David LeBeouf

Due to many factors, there are a significant amount of onshore and offshore facilities currently running on outdated control systems. As a result, hardware malfunctions slowly become a significant drain on facility profits. Once the financial tipping point has been reached, a decision is typically made to move forward with a suitable upgrade. To execute this successfully, it is paramount to have system integration professionals leverage their experience to minimize implementation costs and facility downtime.

This year, the Danos System Integration Team within the Automation Services group developed and executed several upgrades, one involving a calcining facility in Baton Rouge. Facility downtime was significantly minimized by selecting special wiring adapters that bridged the gap between the old and new hardware. This solution allowed for the replacement of the old system hardware components without any rewiring inside the facility. After the old hardware was replaced, the facility’s safety and process shutdowns were carefully retested and the facility was able to be placed back in service without delay. The time and money saved by using the special wiring adapters allowed for more time and energy to be directed into enhancements and debugging of the system. The new PLC hardware upgrade was a 20-year jump in technology and demonstrates Danos’ values of improvement and service.

This project was carried out by Danos System Integration team members Christopher Andrepont, Saad El-Ali and Jeremy Runner. Additional control system upgrade projects have also been successfully completed in Port Arthur, Texas City and Oklahoma facilities.

David LeBeouf


With 14 years of system integration experience, David leads the Danos automation services team. He holds a degree in electronics and computer engineering technology and is certified by the International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians. David joined Danos in 2014 to expand the offering of system integration within automation services.



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