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By: Eugene Rodrigue

Danielle Neil has recently taken on the roll of operations rover at the BP PMF in Schriever, Louisiana. One of her first assigned tasks outside of her normal PMF duties was to assist with an inventory review for BP's Atlantis platform. During the 7 days she was on the facility, she was able to count an entire inventory in one of the facilities warehouses. Warehouseman Kenny Gallahger praised her for her exceptional speed and work, which provided him and Andy Tellez a strong start to their goal of getting a 100% inventory count in all Atlantis warehouse locations. As the warehouse floor lead, I could not have asked for a better job performance and look forward to her assistance on the other BP facilities.

Eugene Rodrigue

Eugene “Penguin” Rodrigue is currently the offshore warehouse lead for BP at the BP PMF location in Schriever, LA. Since joining Danos in 2009, he has been an active leader and mentor to other employees, especially on matters of safety and inventory and warehouse processes.


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