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The world has changed quite a bit over the last 70 years. The oil and gas industry has grown from a few small offshore rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to the massive industry it is today. World oil production was only 8-million barrels a day in 1947, and the price of oil hovered around $2 a barrel. Today, the daily average is 96-million barrels of oil and liquid fuels, selling for about $50 a barrel. And yet, despite all the change and remarkable growth, in some ways the business hasn’t really changed. It still comes down to people and trust.

The relationship between Danos and Chevron began in 1947 when brothers-in-law Allen Danos Sr. and Syriaque Curole opened a small tugboat company in Larose. They bought their first vessel, the YOYO, and soon signed their first supplier contract: renting the YOYO for $35 a day to Gulf Oil Corporation, which later became Chevron U.S.A. Inc. They surely couldn’t have imagined that it was the beginning of a thriving collaboration that would grow for the next seven decades.

This connection between Danos and Chevron has driven much of Danos’ growth over the years, with the company adding new services to support not only Chevron but other clients as well. In 1956, Danos added labor gangs to service Gulf Oil, and then later in 1965 began working with Chevron at its Leeville shore base facility. In the mid-1970s, Danos added fabrication, well services and construction services needed for the rapidly expanding offshore market.

Since Hank Danos became CEO in 1990, the connection between Danos and Chevron has expanded to Western Africa, Northern Africa, and Iraq. In 1997, Danos added shore base support services in Intracoastal City and Venice, LA. And when Chevron made its entry in the Marcellus Shale area in 2011, Danos followed not long after. In recent years, Danos has continued to add service lines needed by customers, including scaffolding and environmental services. Today, Danos provides day-to-day support for Chevron’s facilities at Port Fourchon, its air base at Galliano and its PMF facility in Gray, LA. All of this is in addition to the ongoing production labor, coatings, project management and construction services that Danos supplies for Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico assets.

As Chevron has tackled larger and more complex projects, Danos has been there as well. The Jack/St. Malo development, Chevron’s largest in the Gulf of Mexico, is a great example of the value of the two companies’ long history and mutual evolution. Danos provided the hook-up and commissioning work as well as more than 200 construction and coatings crew members for the project. Today, Danos personnel continue to provide ongoing assistance with facility operations.

With the growth of the onshore market in recent years, Danos has steadily worked to expand its operations and services to better serve customers operating in shale plays across the country. In the Midland area, Danos recently relocated to a larger facility in order to offer a full range of services, including production, construction, automation and project management to area operators. This investment in local capacity enables Danos to better support clients like Chevron across an even wider range of projects.

Beginning with Allen Danos Sr., and continuing with Hank and his sons, Eric, Paul, and Mark, three generations of Danos leadership have worked to build a strong culture of cooperation with Chevron. The company has shaped some of its own internal policies and procedures to align with Chevron’s rigorous standards, ensuring that all activity meets the highest standards for safety.

For 70 years, the two companies have forged a successful working relationship that has evolved from a lone rented vessel to complex support services required for deepwater and onshore exploration and production. The names may have changed over the years, but the mutual respect and alignment through safety, leadership, and commitment to excellence has produced a relationship that has endured for decades.

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