Danos and Jack. St. Malo


By: The Pipeline

When it comes to big projects, Jack St. Malo was one of the biggest. The story and amazing photography captured throughout this huge project made for one attractive publication.

The entire publication can be viewed hereOn page 48, you can see how Danos specifically supported the commissioning of Jack St. Malo. 

The Pipeline

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Shaun Rhea || 06-Dec-2016 08:39 AM
I had the honor to work on jack st malo this was one massive project and tons of people coming on and off from the flotel victory if I had to say DANOS is the safest company ive ever worked for in the GOM they train all their employees the correct way and get them the best training and schooling.. Thanks Danos and others that were involved on this project for keeping me safe.. when the opportunity comes and oil goes back up I will go work for danos again....

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