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By: Renee Piper

Thank you to the many Danos employees who donate to Danos CARES every month. Your contributions have made it possible for us to help our team members in need. So far this year, we have been able to assist six of our coworkers. Your contributions from Jan. – May have totaled $3,486, and that has been matched by the company, growing our Danos CARES account by $6,972.

Of course, the individual stories of those who have been helped by Danos CARES will remain confidential, but please know that your gift makes a difference in the lives of those in need. The recipients are very grateful for the outreach. Thank you for making that possible.

You can sign up to contribute to the Danos CARES fund on a reoccurring or one-time basis by completing the employee payroll deduction form and emailing it to payme@danos.com. If you know of an employee who is in need, please notify his/her supervisor,         so they can complete the request form. Assistance is allocated based on availability, need and approval.

An employee-driven initiative, Danos CARES was created by and is funded by Danos employees through voluntary donations along with a matching donation from Danos. Funds are distributed to employees who have needs arising from unexpected events.

For more information about Danos CARES and the Danos Foundation, please visit www.danos.com/foundation


Renee Piper

Marking and Communications Manager Renee Piper joined Danos in 2014 and is responsible for developing and executing Danos’ marketing and communication strategies. Renee has 20+ years of marketing experience in the retail, gaming, higher education and oil and gas industries.


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