Danos Cares Adopts a Family


By: Mai Nguyen

Danos Cares extended a helping hand by providing Christmas gifts for the grandchildren of headquarters Maintenance Technician Chester Sanchez. 2015 was a challenging year for Chester – he was diagnosed with cancer, his wife, Karen, broke her foot and he and his wife opened up their home to provide housing for extended family. Below are a couple of photos Chester and Karen took on Christmas day.

Danos Cares
The last Thursday of each month, employees at the corporate office are allowed to wear jeans with a $5 donation to the Danos Cares fund. Learn more about Danos Cares.


Mai Nguyen

Mai is a human resources specialist based at the headquarters office. Mai began her career at Danos in 2009 as a human resources administrative assistant and then spent some time as a recruiter. She has a BS in marketing and holds an MBA.


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