Danos Cares Makes Meaningful Impact


By: The Pipeline

Thanks to YOUR generosity, Danos was able to provide assistance to each of our nine employees whose homes were damaged by the recent flood. The extra jean day benefiting these employees raised $1,160 and was used to supplement our donations to those impacted.

The flood relief donations initially depleted the Danos Cares account, but not to worry – the account was quickly made whole again when the Danos organization replenished the fund so that it is poised to help the next team member in need. In addition to the contribution to Danos Cares, the organization has doubled their gift by making a donation to Samaritan’s Purse.

Danos employees also donated 12 boxes of clothing, two boxes of cleaning supplies, four boxes of non-perishable food items and two boxes of baby items. Thank you for stepping up and helping those in need.

If you wish to donate to Danos employees, a simple e-mail to payme@danos.com with the amount you would like to donate will be payroll deducted. The money will be divided amongst the Danos employees in need.

Stay tuned for information on upcoming TEAM DANOS VOLUNTEER opportunities!

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