Danos Cares Makes a Difference


By: Mai Nguyen

To Danos employees,

On March 20th, my fiancé and I woke to the smell of propane followed by an explosion due to a gas leak in our home. Before we both got completely out, there was a second explosion and our home, along with everything we owned, was up in flames. Although we lost everything material that we had, my fiancé and I are so blessed that we got out of our home unharmed. Both of our phones were in the fire, so it was several days before I could get in touch with my boss, Karl Savoie. After contacting him, a flood of calls came in from multiple other Danos employees and several companies that I worked for in Texas and New Mexico to check on me. I knew I worked for a great company, but I was overwhelmed by the genuine care, concern, and support that was shown to Deven and me by Danos. Prior to going back to work in Seminole, Texas, I was asked to come to the Houma office to do some paperwork. When I arrived, I was given the items I needed to get back to work and then some. I am so blessed to work for a company that truly cares about each and every one of their employees. I cannot thank all of you enough. 

Blake Amacker

Blake works for the Danos coatings division. Through Danos Cares funding, we were able to provide him with FRCs, steel toe boots, a bag and PPE to assist him to return to work.

Danos Cares is an account funded by employees for employees.  All employees are able to contribute to this account through a payroll deduct option and funds are allocated based on availability, need, and approval. Thank you to all who donate to make the fund possible. Read more about Danos Cares.

Mai Nguyen

Mai is a human resources specialist based at the headquarters office. Mai began her career at Danos in 2009 as a human resources administrative assistant and then spent some time as a recruiter. She has a BS in marketing and holds an MBA.


Jacob blanchard || 15-Apr-2016 10:30 PM
I'm a employee of KINETICA Energy, A few months back we lost a 30 year employee to cancer. In need of manpower we turned to Danos for help. A young man by the name of Blake Amacker reported to our facility to fill the position. Blake didn't only fill the position, he filled it with PRIDE !! He worked very hard to get the task at hand complete in a safe professional manner after work hours. Blake went above and beyond by helping us remember our lost coworker well. He brought light to our crews in a dark time with his positive thoughts and words. Blake helped us keep our heads up and for that I am very thankful and consider myself blessed to have the pleasure to meet Blake and have him at our facility to help. I know Blake is very thankful to his company and coworkers for their help and caring in his time of need and I just want and Danos as a whole to recognize this young man for who and what he is - a very hard-working young man and an inspiration as well!! THANK YOU BLAKE FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND INSPIRATION TO THE KINETICA COCODRIE CREW !!

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