Danos Employees Lend a Helping Hand During Flood


By: The Pipeline

On June 29, the neighborhood in which Danos' Carencro office is located was among the many areas affected by a flash flood that netted 5 to 6 inches of rain in a very short time frame. As the water rose, police arrived to help get vehicles to a safe location. Our Danos employees noticed and decided to help out. 

Driver Shawune White and Panel Technician John Barras helped out by moving Danos employee vehicles to safety while System Integrator Jeremy Runner and Project Engineer Cody Romero helped police officers push stalled vehicles to higher ground.

John Barras (left) and Shawune White (right) preparing to move Danos employee vehicles to safety. We hope that plastic wrap worked out!

Cody Romero (center) helps neighbor and police officer push stalled vehicle.

Jeremy Runner (left) and Cody Romero (right) push a stalled vehicle out of flood waters.

Photo credit: Heather Courvell

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Mindy Menard || 06-Jul-2017 01:19 PM
So proud of our folks here in Carencro, stepping up and stepping out into the rain to help.

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