Danos Featured in NOIA Economic Impact Study


By: Samantha Magee

The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) recently released the studyThe Economic Impacts of the Gulf of Mexico Oil & Natural Gas Industry. Prepared by Energy & Industrial Advisory Partners (EIAP), the report examines the economic impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil and natural gas industry and the effects of potential leasing and drilling bans.

The study stresses many important strengths that the Gulf Coast oil industry supports, one of them being jobs for 345,000 people.

NOIA President Erik G. Milito said, “Gulf of Mexico oil and natural gas production is a powerful driver of economic, energy and national security… A strong Gulf of Mexico oil and gas industry means a strong America. The lessons and warnings from the report are especially important now, as our industry fights to recover from the existential threat from COVID-19 and the Saudi Arabia-Russia oil price war.”

The study also profiles several oil and gas companies, including Danos. In it, Paul Danos emphasizes not only the importance of jobs but also the impact the industry has on the economy.

“More broadly, our industry keeps the lights on, provides the energy, literally and figuratively, for everything—for all goods and services. It's what drives our economy. We’re keeping their lights on by electricity generation and petrochemical inputs that are going into products that people who might not think about it are dependent upon. Almost every product that people touch has some sort of input from our industry. It's a huge driver for our economy.”

You can read NOIA’s press release and download the full study on their website.


Samantha Magee

Samantha Magee joined Danos in 2018 as media relations coordinator. She serves as Danos’ point of contact for communications targeting customers and the communities where we live and work. Prior to joining Danos, she worked in education and non-profit organizations. Samantha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University and an MBA from the University of Houston.


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