Danos Helps Fund University Project


By: Adam Saal

Over the past school year, Danos partnered with Crimson Midstream, LLC and Drinkwater Products in sponsoring an engineering senior capstone design team at Louisiana State University. Danos Project Coordinator Adam Saal (pictured left) served as liaison between Crimson Midstream and Danos’ purchasing department in order to help supply and coordinate all project materials.


The project objective presented to the team, sponsored by Danos, was to create and test a mechanical pig for cleaning pipelines of paraffin wax. Pipelines are prone to paraffin wax buildup, which causes pigs to stop their run through the pipeline. Team members Logan Goynes, Adele Perrier, Patrick Pham, Brown Putnam and Siddiq Zulendra designed a mechanical pig that contained a heating element that removes paraffin wax as it passes through the pipeline. In order to successfully measure the results of their prototype, the team designed a test loop which served as a small scale pipeline and pump system.

James Daigle, pipeline engineer for Crimson, served as the team's lead mentor in their endeavors. He had this to say, “We had the pleasure of partnering with Danos to sponsor and mentor these students from conceptualization through construction and prototype testing. Their success is not only a testament to the abilities of these young, bright minds, but also to the opportunities for innovation in midstream pipeline operations and infrastructure. With gratitude, we sincerely enjoyed working with Danos to contribute to higher education and future leaders of our industry.”

The team succeeded in their scope and were highly recognized by their peers and professors for completing such a challenging project. Danos is proud to support such a great group of young engineers. This is just another way for Danos to continue its efforts in our 2019 strategic initiative in the midstream industry.


Adam Saal

Adam Saal began his career with Danos one year ago as a project coordinator. He graduated from LSU with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering in 2017. He currently serves as a project coordinator for the Construction group at Danos while also assisting with project controls, scaffolding, and fabrication groups.


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