Danos Knocks Hurricane Evacuations Out of the Park


By: Brady Hebert

Each time there is a storm in the Gulf of Mexico, we face a big challenge in evacuating personnel from offshore platforms. With potentially 100 or more employees being sent onshore to various crew change locations, and with a hurricane coming in hot pursuit, keeping track of who goes where and when proves to be difficult.

In addition to the normal challenges, COVID-19 protocols put in place prior to personnel going back offshore to work make this task even more crucial. Everyone who reports to work must complete a COVID-19 survey, so we can ensure we are doing our part to protect them and their co-workers.

Thank you to the entire production team, including account managers and the personnel coordinators! Our team knocks these processes out of the park every time. This is a testament to Danos’ dedication to doing things right and taking care of our employees.


Brady Hebert

Brady Hebert joined Danos in 2002 as an entry-level production operator. Showing strong leadership skills, he was a lead operator until joining the staff as an account manager in 2010. Brady now serves as operations manager over the Gulf of Mexico shelf operations.


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