Danos Social Donation Project in Equatorial Guinea


By: Elvira Carola Besupa


Danos has reiterated its support to the educational private school "Maravillas de Jesus," located in the neighborhood Campo-Yaunde of Malabo, one of the oldest, most popular and poorest areas of the city.
This school is a building with a maximum of 250 students ranging from 3 to 15 years old; it was chosen by Danos last year because of its poor condition and especially because it was insecure for students.
In addition to the support provided in 2014 and after approval of the Ministry of Mines as required by law, this year the social work of Danos consisted of the following:

  • Restoring the ground floor beams necessary to support the building,
  • Restoring the complete classroom and the two bedrooms of this ground floor which serve as childcare of 20 kids under 5 years old,
  • Changing the facade by adding the mini roof for better evacuation of rainwater, and restoring a part of the first floor roof,
  • Students were given Adidas sports gear

In alignment with the Danos Purpose, the EG team has contributed to make this project a reality and to be a part of solving big problems for the community program against poverty for the disadvantaged in EG.


Elvira Carola BesupaElvria joined Danos is 2013 as Deputy General Manager in Equatorial Guinea, Africa.  She is in charge of taxes and compliance.  Elvira is a former tax and legal manager and lawyer of the audit firm Ernst & Young until August 2013 and was based in Equatorial Guinea.


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