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By: Craig Gros

construction, coatings and environmental

Chevron Pipeline requested the services of Danos for the removal of a sump tank at their SS208F facility. The work consisted of cleaning, removing and replacing a sump tank with grating. After the job scope was thoroughly defined, it presented a great opportunity to incorporate the construction crew with our environmental and coatings divisions.

Construction Superintendent Kevin Long along with his crew that consisted of welder Alvin Pittman, fitter Robert Gros, riggers Scottie Tillman and Justin Stafford worked along with our environmental team, headed up by Farrell Lafont, Jacob Coffman, Fred Azema and blaster / painter Shawn Collins from the Coatings Division.

The sump tank had to be completely removed from the structure, which required the environmental crew to clean and ensure that it was gas free prior to the construction crew cutting. After the top was removed, it was discovered that oil had seeped between the wall of the sump tank and the existing structure, which required that the environmental crew clean out the cavity. After the areas were cleaned and certified gas free again, the construction crew continued with the removal. Once the sump tank was removed, new structural members were added, grating installed and the area was given a fresh paint job.

With assistance from Safety Specialist Wren Lemmon the Construction Job Safety Plan (CJSP) was developed and the project was executed to the satisfaction of the customer safely and efficiently.





Craig Gros

Craig joined Danos in 2001 as construction project manager. He has 35 years experience in the oilfield construction industry. When he's not working he enjoys fishing, hunting, golf and spending time at his cabin The Gros’ Nest in Mississippi. Craig has a BS in mechanical engineering from LSU.


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