Danos Team Sets Up Argos for Success


By: Derek Atkins

Deepwater Warehouse Supervisor Eugene “Penguin” Rodrigue, Deepwater Warehouse Supervisor Larry Mueller, Deepwater Warehouseman Jordan Yentzen and Land Warehouseman Tyler Parjus recently received recognition from BP regarding for their work setting up the warehouses at BP Argos.

The following was taken from BP’s Yammer site:

Stocking the shelves... Argos FPU

We have reached a milestone in our journey realizing the fruits of our toils! Lots of preparations in organizing and procuring the necessary start-up consumables, tools and operation spare parts. These materials continue to arrive at Cross Dock facility in Houma, La., are packaged accordingly, then shipped to Texas as planned.

Argos FPU warehouse is managed by Eugene “Penguin” Rodrigue and Larry Mueller. Their combined experiences are measured in decades. Rotating on their perspective work schedules, they continue to engage eagerly to get these materials offloaded and into the proper shelves or in the hands of the requestor.

It’s just the beginning….. endless activities encountered daily. From mundane to complex issues that surface, they approach each with a sincere desire to satisfy the end users.

Argos is outfitted with adjustable shelving and lockable modular cabinets as built, a unique benefit and an outstanding design feature. Included is key coded lockable entry doors and a service countertop with a sliding gate. Organized, efficient and secure! Key components to maintaining inventory integrity for years to come.

Thank you, “Penguin” Rodrigue and Larry Mueller for your safe and quality contributions to the Argos FPU team!

Not to forget, the combined efforts by many individuals and groups, including the GoM MM&D team that will never fail to collaborate and act as a team.

Penguin proceeded to give additional recognition to two additional Danos employees, Jordan Yentzen and Tyler Parjus, for their assistance with Argos FPU.”

Due to Penguin, Larry, Jordan and Tyler, BP can mark the warehouses off their list of things to worry about before sailing out to location. With their leadership and work ethic, Argos will be set up for success in the future. Well done Penguin and team!


           Eugene "Penguin" Rodrigue                             Larry Mueller



           Justin Yentzen                                                   Tyler Parjus

Derek Atkins

Derek Atkins is materials manager for i²ms. He began his career with Danos in 2007 as a shipping and receiving clerk on the Chevron account. In 2009, he moved to the Shell account as a materials manager. After a brief hiatus from Danos, he returned in 2017 and joined the Shell supply chain team as an execution analyst. In early 2020, he was promoted to account manager of the Shell supply chain team.


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