Danos Works Spotlight: Gail Losee


By: Samantha Magee

After serving our country in the U.S. Army for 20 years, Gail Losee (middle) began working with Danos in March 2014 as a logistics coordinator. On her days off, you’re most likely to find Gail volunteering or cruising on her Harley Davidson. Her combined passion – volunteering and cruising – is what led her to get involved with Covenant Care, a nonprofit organization that provides hospice care, home health care, memory care and support for caregivers.

Covenant Care’s volunteer supervisor asked Gail to join their Combat Veteran Motorcycle Patrol (CVMP) on visits to veterans on hospice care. Joining a group that honors veterans and their families, was a no-brainer for Gail.

“Being able to honor these veterans in the last stage of their life is a fulfilling experience,” said Gail. “You can tell it is really appreciated by the vets and their families.”

Gail’s experience with CVMP was so powerful that, soon after, she started volunteering in the Covenant Care office as an administrative assistant, helping nurses with their books. Gail receives and organizes supplies in the warehouse and checks inventory. The organization relies heavily on volunteers, in fact, they have a larger volunteer workforce than nurses on staff. Gail has been volunteering with the group for over a year now.

Gail’s passion for assisting the nurses is fueled by her mother’s 36-year career as a psyche nurse.

“I know all too well the large load nurses carry,” Gail says. “I want to help lighten their workload, particularly when it involves hospice care. They have so much work to do in such a stressful environment.”

When Gail heard about the Danos Foundation’s WORKS program during a Safety Focus event, she was excited to learn that she would now be able to help Covenant Care even more. WORKS awards up to $10 per hour for every hour a Danos employee volunteers his or her time at an approved nonprofit organization. Last year, Gail logged 50.5 volunteer hours with Covenant Care and was able to present the organization with a donation from the Danos Foundation.

Do you volunteer? Learn more about Danos Works and how you can earn money for your favorite nonprofit organization.

Samantha Magee

Samantha Magee joined Danos in 2018 as media relations coordinator. She has over ten years of marketing and communication experience in oil and gas, education and nonprofits. Samantha holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University and an MBA from the University of Houston.


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