Danos Works Spotlight: Larry Fonseca


By: The Pipeline

Danos Database Administrator Larry Fonseca Jr. volunteered 14 hours last year with Messiah Montessori School. In turn, he was able to donate $70 to the organization on behalf of the Danos Foundation. 

Since Messiah is a small, private school, they have very limited funds for IT support. Larry put his technical talents to work to by assisting the school with computer fixes, consolidating their network and installing proper servers in their system. Additionally, after recently becoming the first accredited Montessori High School in Louisiana, Messiah expanded their classroom count to accommodate a high school. Larry assisted with removing and building new walls to rearrange classroom setup for the school. 

Because Larry logged his hours with Danos WORKS, he was able to turn his time into money, and the Foundation was able to make a donation to the school.

Do you volunteer? Be sure to submit your hours online to earn money for your favorite non-profit organization.

Have photos of you volunteering? Send them to whatsup@danos.com after logging your hours. 

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