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By: The Pipeline

After 32+ years in the sales and sales management world, Dave Poe, senior manager of business development and sales, officially retires. Since 2008, Dave has led the Danos sales team in executing the sales strategy and growth initiatives in the Permian Basin, as well as our other operating districts. With his international experience, he also served as the general manager for the Danos joint venture in Equatorial Guinea. 

His impact on Danos is best told through the words of his colleagues…

Bailey Kidd

When I first met Dave, aside from him dressing like Johnny Cash, his passion for winning and enthusiasm for developing and executing strategy was instantly inspirational. My favorite takeaway quote frequently used by Dave, and based on a quote by Gen. George Patton, is: “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week, or a perfect plan never executed at all.”

Eric Jarvis

It is hard to find the exact words on my thoughts of my friend and colleague, David Poe, probably because there is not just one or a couple that can be found in the dictionary that harnesses all the different aspects that makes Poe who he is. I will say in my 18 year career in Sales/BD in various industries, I have never met someone as dynamic as David Poe. Dave’s passion for the Sales/BD group was prevalent in ever Monday morning sales meetings. He had notes on every page and a question to ask for almost every entry. He was dedicated to helping build a world class sales organization and feel confident that he is leaving Danos with that mission accomplished.

The one thing I appreciate most about Dave was his full support in what I did, if I ever came across a challenge he was there to discuss strategy and help coordinate a plan to help ensure my success. The strategies sessions we had was unlike anything I had experienced; very detailed, informative, and always some historical philosophy to back it up. Sometimes I would wonder how we ended up discussing the advanced society of the Roman Empire, but those moments along with many others are something I am going to miss. His zest and passion in supporting our group and the Danos family is what I have come to admire most. The Houston office will not be the same in the Post Poe Era. I wish my best to David Poe, “The Here of the Soviet Union”, in his retirement and look forward to seeing how the next chapter unfolds. Knowing Dave it won’t be long before he is planning his next adventure.

Melanie Toups

David Poe was always planning for the future and looking ahead farther than some of us find comfortable. He was always thinking of succession plans in case anyone “choked on a ham sandwich”. When you exceeded expectations, he would give you permission to “give yourself $1,000”. I’ve worked alongside David Poe for the past several years and will definitely miss him. Not only will I miss the leadership that he provided to us, but also his enthusiasm, knowledge and guidance around the office. Anytime anyone wanted to talk about anything, David Poe was your guy. He always strived to be “the hero of the Soviet Union” by taking risks, developing others and constantly looking for ways to improve. He challenged me on a regular basis developing me into the professional I am today. He taught me how to eat Pho, speak a few words in Spanish, how to work the new coffee pot, how to survive after a devastating hurricane and how to believe in myself. The Houston office will be empty without him, but the memories that we all have with him and his “Poe-isms” will remain for a long time.

Nicole Williams

There’s a special connection between employees who join the team at the same time and Dave and I joined Danos together 10 years ago. The business development and marketing departments partner closely to deliver the strongest value proposition at trade shows, in customer proposals, and with new leads.

His energy always reminded me of the Tasmanian devil cartoon. I knew it was best never to engage with him until after 1 pm when he was losing steam and my creative juices were flowing. I’ll treasure memories of him walking around in circles lost in the Larose office and I’ll miss his energy, knowledge of the industry and his creative mind.

He’s always been a vocal champion for marketing efforts and has continuously pushed the whole team to attack our strategies from all angles by simply saying…tell me more. I can't wait to hear about his retirement adventures!

Thank you, Dave, for your years of service to the company. We wish you the best in your retirement!

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Carlton Bethley || 08-Mar-2018 09:21 AM
I wish you well Dave.. There was a phase where I was graced with the opportunity to get to meet and know Dave Poe.. The times that I would pick him up from airport and drop him back off prove to be some of the most Inspiring times.. This guy is full of a wealth of knowledge from so many angles.. I joked about how he would talk from the time I picked him up to the time I dropped him off... I had never been around anyone Til this point today who talked that much - yet the conversation was filled with so much substance and simple applicable information.. He was one that I looked forward to being around because I knew that I was going to learn something that day... Enjoy your Retirement my friend....

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