Double Dose of Stop Work Authority


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Roustabout Foreman David Garcia recently used stop work authority when he felt uneasy with the direction he was given before starting work. He was told to lock out/tag out (LOTO) the flow lines, headers and production line with the wells being turned off via computer. David used stop work authority and explained that the wells needed to be LOTO as well as everything else. He then involved Danos Safety Representative Jason Finstad, who was able to communicate why complete LOTO was necessary. After much discussion, the wells were secured, so David could proceed with his job scope.

This is a prime example of how using stop work authority is backed 100% by Danos and our safety team. If you feel uneasy with a procedure, stop the job, and get safety involved.

Submitted by Safety Representative Jason Finstad

Warehouseman Donovan Smith is in Lake Charles assisting with a material load-out being shipped to the Harvey Terminal. Upon loading the first two trucks, the truck drivers proceeded to use a single strap across each pallet to secure the load. Donovan recognized this as unsafe, as well as, not aligning with the customer and vendor’s load securement requirements. He requested that each pallet be strapped with two straps according to the requirement. However, both truck drivers insisted that a single strap would be sufficient. At that point, Donovan contacted his supervisor for support.

The drivers eventually admitted that they did not have enough straps with them to secure the load properly. The trucking company was informed of the incident and proceeded to send out an affiliate to the Lake Charles facility to ensure loads were being properly secured. The materials ended up being shipped out a day behind schedule, but the customer was very proud that Donovan handled the situation with safety being a top priority.

This all comes on the heels of a loss-of-load incident that happened a month or so ago. In that situation, the driver only used a single strap across pallets for load securement. Luckily, nobody was injured when that material came off the truck on the interstate highway. Noticing the gap in safety training for load securement, the customer has provided a free online course on better understanding on how to secure loads.

The customer offered up some encouraging words about Donovan’s actions. He said, “Donovan was a shining example of how to handle Stop Work Authority. He was able to diffuse a difficult situation, as there were conflicting opinions on proper safety procedures. I am proud to call Donovan a team member and could not be happier with his commitment to safety.”

Submitted by Operations Manager Scott Theriot

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