Drink Up


By: Andrew Rodrigue

Summertime is finally here. As the weather begins to heat up, so does the risk for heat-related incidents. Now is the time to start taking precautionary measures. Whether you are at work or play, protect yourself from the sun's heat with these quick preventative measures:

  • DON’T WAIT… PRE-HYDRATE!!!  Drink plenty of water the night before work activity
  • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing
  • Allow time to build up tolerance for working in higher temperatures – work/rest cycles
  • Drink water about every 15 minutes while working even if you are NOT thirsty
  • Establish a hydration station near your work area
  • Avoid or limit intake of products such as tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol
  • Be aware of prescription medications that cause dehydration quicker than normal
  • If you’re feeling hot, fatigued, or dizzy, find some shade/air conditioning, sit down, and drink up
  • Keep an eye on your co-workers to make sure they are staying hydrated and taking frequent breaks

How to help with hydration

  1. Click the poster below and print
  2. Place posters around worksites where employees will frequently see them
  3. Contact frances.kosak@danos.com to request posters for your location 

Andrew Rodrigue

Andrew joined Danos in 2011 as a material coordinator and has served in a few capacities; safety specialist, safety project manager and construction project manager. He currently serves Danos as a project manager for the access division. Prior to returning to Danos in 2020, he served as operations manager and director of safety and has over 14 years of experience in the construction industry.


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