E.G. LNG Team Returns


By: Kevin Biringer

Beginning in late December, and continuing into 2016, Danos mobilized nearly 200 people to Equatorial Guinea, Africa to execute two turnarounds - one for EG LNG and one for Marathon Oil. The Danos team on-site consisted of: project managers, personnel coordinators, safety and quality control personnel, superintendents, mechanical foremen, pipe fitters, welders, crane operators, insulators and instrumentation and electrical technicians.

The 88 Danos team members involved with the LNG project recently returned home after completing a successful turnaround. They executed the shut-in ahead of schedule and without any recordable safety incidents. Danos performed nearly 20,000 man-hours to complete the project with 24-hour operations in the plant. The team was able to achieve these milestones even after extensive unplanned repair work was discovered in one of the major vessels (V1202).

This was the first project Danos has done with EG LNG, and Danos anticipates future opportunities with them. The EG LNG safety manager commended Danos for the level of safety engagement on the front-side of the project and commitment to using SWA several times throughout the course of the turnaround.
The mobilization support from the home office involved nearly every Danos group including training, safety, travel & logistics, HR, operations, accounting and several others. A huge thank you to everyone involved in getting all 200 guys to Africa safely and on-time.

For the Marathon turnaround, some of the team members have already started returning home, and the project is expected to be 100% complete in the next week. This project will be highlighted in next week’s Pipeline edition.   

Kevin Biringer

Project Management Division Manager, Kevin Biringer joined Danos full-time in 2014 after a summer internship with Danos in 2013. He is responsible for building out Project Management tools and integrating Danos’ services. Prior to joining Danos, Kevin was a project engineer for the ExxonMobil Development Company.  


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