Efficient Execution in Action


By: Andrew Rodrigue

On the morning of June 13, the first Danos construction team for the Hess Stampede project began mobilizing. Upon arrival at Bristow Heliport in Galliano, 50 Danos employees were met by Danos staff and given uniforms and breakfast before being bused to Fourchon to board the HOS Riverbend Flotel. This was a huge milestone for Danos, but to execute the way we did rings true to our value of providing excellent service to our customer.

This efficient execution caught the eye of Chris Adams, Hess hook-up and commissioning lead for construction:

Fuzzy (Brent Ross – Danos senior project manager),

Danos knocked it out of the park this morning. Very professional and organized mobilization with well thought out behind the scenes preparation. To think we went from 0 to 111+ personnel on board the flotel in less than a week required exceptional agility. This saved Hess mobilization costs and removed stress from the process. Look forward to seeing everyone in the field tomorrow morning.


Chris Adams

Around mid-April, Hess reached out to Danos to provide more skilled labor than expected. The original head count was 30, but when the dust settled, it evolved to 94. When learning about the increased personnel needed, our recruiting, hiring, and training departments went into overdrive. In roughly 45 days, our team recruited, hired, and trained over 58 skilled workers just for the Stampede project. Everyone worked late hours, empowered teamwork, and challenged and debated each other to achieve one common goal – to provide the Stampede project with qualified and competent personnel. We accomplished that goal as a team. In the words of Josh Boudreaux, “Together we can accomplish more.”

I would like to personally say THANK YOU to each of the team members involved in this project. Everyone did an outstanding job in their role and was a key to the mobilization success.

The team included: Anita Fuselier, Barbara Purdy, Brooke Chauvin, David Gravois, Jason Lemoine, Joni Leday, Josh Boudreaux, Julie Plaisance, Kelvin Billiot, Kevin Ramirez, Lori Romero, Mandy Duplechin, Mark Simoneaux, Nicole Williams, Scott Friedlander, Susan Mahfouz, Vickie Price, and Wanda St. Pierre.

Event photos


Andrew Rodrigue

Andrew started with Danos as a material coordinator offshore, but quickly moved into a safety specialist position in 2012. Andrew has served as a safety specialist for the last 6 years for the construction, coatings, scaffolding, and automation service lines. He is now a project manager supporting the Hess Stampede project.


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