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By: David Gravois

If you could take one TV show off the air, what would it be?

Scott Theriot - Any reality TV show

Heather Hendrix - Teen Mom

Whitney Savoie - Sports Center! Yeah, I said it. My husband watches it constantly - he could watch the same exact episode over… and over… and over.

Skip Cheramie - Anything that is considered "reality TV." These shows degrade society as a whole. I find nothing amusing about viewing programs that lessen or degrade their participants.

Anita Fusilier - The Simpsons.

Beth Barrilleaux - Any show that negatively stereotypes the South, especially our bayou area.

Josh Gravois - If I never hear the theme song to Caillou again, I would be a happy man.

What subject do you feel you are most knowledgeable in?

Scott Theriot - I would say Math since that was my major at Nicholls State.

Heather Hendrix - Art

Whitney Savoie - Pop culture. Is that a subject? Anyways, I know a vast array of useless pop culture info - Ask me anything about celebrity gossip and I guarantee I know the answer.

Skip Cheramie - History. Because it connects the past and the present.

Anita Fusilier - Human Resources…of course.

Beth Barrilleaux - School subject? English. Real world subject? Couponing.

Josh Gravois - Pedro strategy.

If your friends took a vote, you would be most likely to……

Scott Theriot - Travel the world.

Heather Hendrix - Elope.

Whitney Savoie - Most likely to pick the best place to eat! As a preggo, I have found a new love for food… and always find the best restaurants.

Skip Cheramie - I would most likely be viewed as a realist. I have strong principles and take a realistic view to life.

Anita Fusilier - Begin a new career as a combat engineer in the Army!

Beth Barrilleaux - Ignore group text messages.

Josh Gravois - Dominate at Pedro.

What is your favorite modern day invention?

Scott Theriot - I would have to go with a GPS. I don’t know where I’d be without mine. Probably lost.

Heather Hendrix - None. I’d rather live like a cave woman.

Whitney Savoie - Most definitely the iPhone – I kind of forgot what life was like before the iPhone.

Skip Cheramie - Modern day medicine. I speak from personal experience. It has allowed me to try and live a somewhat normal life by surviving on swine enzymes. I will definitely be looked at differently at a boucherie.

Anita Fusilier - Satellites because they play a role in almost every techie gadget that we love.

Beth Barrilleaux - I own a Samsung smart watch that allows me to talk through Bluetooth. It’s perfect for when I want to feel like a spy and walk around talking to my watch.

Josh Gravois - The Power Pole - Blade Edition

If you had a million dollars to donate, where would it go?

Scott Theriot - Cancer research. Hopefully we can find a cure one day.

Heather Hendrix - National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Whitney Savoie - I would donate it to this wonderful organization that a friend of mine started. The organization is called The Little Angels Foundation, and they build custom, handmade caskets for families who have lost a child. The family who started this organization is so wonderful and truly put their heart into everything they do.

Skip Cheramie - St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Research. I feel extremely blessed to be the father of two healthy children. It breaks me to know that not every parent can be so fortunate.

Anita Fusilier - Split between Wounded Warrior Project and St. Jude’s

Beth Barrilleaux - Give Kids the World. The village allows children with life-threatening illnesses and their families to vacation in Florida for a week at no cost and meet special characters such as Mickey Mouse.

Josh Gravois - I’d donate it to LSU baseball to have a corner of the stadium named after myself.

What does a perfect day look like to you?

Scott Theriot - Spending time with my wife and two boys. We could be doing anything and it would still be a perfect day.

Heather Hendrix - Sunny & breezy with a mimosa.

Whitney Savoie - Spending the entire day with my son and husband. My husband works a lot so we rarely get time as a family – every single moment with my family is so precious to me.

Skip Cheramie - Waking up from a peaceful nights rest and having those that I love the most there to hug and spend the day with. It doesn’t matter what we decide to do as long as it is with them. Then thanking God for another day.

Anita Fusilier - Just hanging out anywhere with my husband and children.

Beth Barrilleaux - A day involving relaxing, eating (without any guilt), and enjoying a private concert with friends.

Josh Gravois - Beach chair, ice chest, Francis Bay, St. John, USVI.

Why do you work for Danos?

Scott Theriot - I work for Danos because our values align and the opportunities for growth and success are available. Even though we continue to grow as a company, we still make it a priority to keep that family feeling.

Heather Hendrix - Danos is a unique company that values their employees and recognizes quality & excellence.

Whitney Savoie - I am lucky to work for Danos. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work for such a wonderful company that allows their employees to grow and improve daily. I can honestly say that coming on board at Danos has been one of the best decisions I have made; the family atmosphere, the opportunity for growth, and the overall environment make Danos one of the best companies to work for.

Skip Cheramie - First and foremost, Danos has an impeccable reputation. This company has given me an excellent platform to enhance my skills and prove myself. It defines every core value I have always believed in.

Anita Fusilier - I love the family atmosphere here. It is a pleasure to come to work every day.

Beth Barrilleaux - I really love working for a place that genuinely cares for my success both as an employee and a person. And the commute is great!

Josh Gravois - Because the bank still comes a’ callin.

David Gravois

David joined Danos in 2012 and has been a member of the talent acquisition and human resources teams. In his current role as internal communication coordinator, David serves as Danos’ point of contact for all communication targeting staff and field employees. Prior to joining Danos, he worked as a university admissions counselor for 5 years. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from Nicholls State University.


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