Employees Shine in Medical Emergencies


By: The Pipeline

Danos would like to recognize several field and staff personnel for going above and beyond their normal job scope to help their fellow Danos team members in two recent medical emergencies. Read about their high performances below:

Blaster Painter Foreman Deon Wilson- Deon was the first to notice a coworker have loss of breath and struggle to walk. Deon kept a close eye on him. The employee was walking down the steps toward the boat when he was struck with pain; his chest and neck began hurting, and his arm was numb. He realized he was having a heart attack. Deon phoned it to the office, who assisted from there. Deon stayed by the phone the entire time. He was the eyes and ears for Frances Kosak as a first responder and was ready to use his CPR if necessary. He communicated to Danos headquarters, the Coast Guard and Kinetica (the customer) representatives flawlessly to help get the employee onshore.

Two days later, the boat captain had a stroke, and again Deon was the first responder for CPR and communicating to Kinetica and Danos to assist as necessary with getting the boat captain onshore.

Personnel Coordinator Therese Platt- After the Kinetica crew member was flown in from the boat job with a heart condition, he required a triple bypass surgery. The employee did not have family able to be there with him. Therese drove to Lake Charles that morning to help comfort him and be with him through this surgery. She showed true care for our employee.

Project Manager Kim Dang- An employee suffered a heart attack and came in from Olympus via a medevac flight. He was unconscious and had major blockage of his arteries. Kim spent the day in the hospital and spoke with different family members to help get them to the employee's side. His 73-year-old brother cannot drive, and Kim helped coordinate Allen Craft to drive the brother from Orange, Texas, to the hospital in Houma, Louisiana. When allowed to visit the Critical Care Unit, Kim talked to him in Vietnamese and let him know his family was on the way and to continue fighting for them. It was both brave and beautiful of her to do that. Kim stayed in or near the hospital from 7 a.m. until almost 8:30 p.m., when the family members arrived to be with their loved one. Another great example of care for our employees.

Olympus Crew and Olympus Medic- The crew members and medic sprung into action very early one morning to get the employee on a helicopter from offshore to the hospital before 8 a.m. A doctor at Terrebonne General Medical Center said, “Had it been 10-15 more minutes before this patient got here, he would not be alive.”

Recognition of their quick reactions and split-second decisions gave their teammate a fighting chance to live another day and to get his family members in to town to help him recover.

Safety Case Manager Frances Kosak- In both heart emergencies, Frances jumped into action and may have saved lives with her quick reaction. In the Kinetica case, she lined up the coast guard to be on station within an hour. Then, she directed them to take the patient to a better cardiology hospital in the region, rather than the one the coast guard had originally planned. In the Olympus case, she was at the hospital all morning and assisted with absolutely everything she could to ensure our employee was taken care of. This is another example of Danos employees going above and beyond their job requirements.


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