Empowers Teamwork


By: Corey Conley

Silent Hero

Keith Rhodes

It’s hard to use words to describe Keith. The one word that comes to mind when I think about Keith is unique. He works hard, and expects the same from his crew. He ensures they are set into a work environment where they will excel at their skill set or sets them up into a spot where they will learn something new.

Recently he’s been utilizing the 12 hour days to work after hours with the guys and teaching them how to weld. This isn’t something you run across often. People just don’t give up their free time to work, but Keith has. At the end of the day he’ll come in and start on his paperwork never mentioning what he’s been doing until you get to questioning him about it. You can see that he enjoys teaching and helping guys improve in their skill set. He’s worked with some riggers and helped them understand that if they learn how to weld they can begin the advancement of their career and not only earn more money but also open up so many opportunities for themselves in the future. I really appreciate everything Keith does on a daily basis and look forward to watching him continue to mentor the guys around him.

Submitted by Project Manager JSM Corey Conley

Corey Conley

Corey joined Danos in June 2014 as a project manager for the Chevron Jack St. Malo project. He now works with Williams Field Services and Williams Transcontinental groups in an effort to help manage their tactical construction projects in Texas.


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