Empowers Teamwork


By: Mark King

BP recently completed 2 scheduled 2015 turnarounds (TAR's). By all measures, the Thunder Horse and Nakika TAR’s were a tremendous success and an outstanding One Team accomplishment.

Working together we executed the following during both turnarounds:

Worked safely…
By completing both with 0 significant injuries or incidents

Followed the rules…
By adhering to a high quality readiness plan with all aspects fully documented, verified, and communicated

Finished the job…
By completing all 139 planned scopes, liquidating 35,200 planned hours, and 17,000 post "white-space" hours

Followed up…
By completing over 3657 Inspection Test Reports, 129 Mechanical Completions, 86 System Handovers, authorizing 118 Management Of Changes, and successfully leak testing 1021 joints plus 100 leak/service tests, 112 valves, and 90 spools

Worked as One Team…
By integrating our core team with over 60 vendors and up to 850 individuals were involved in planning and execution.

Exceeded expectations…
By completing the Thunder Horse TAR 7 days ahead of schedule and the Nakika TAR 2 days ahead of schedule.

As a core contractor, Danos employees were fully invested in planning, preparing, executing, and ultimately completing the turnarounds in a way that exceeded all expectations. Their leadership and commitment to a safe, successful outcome was an inspiring and visible example to our One Team. Thank you to the Danos team for maintaining a high standard for safety and operating discipline throughout. Job well done!

Mark King

As sales manager, Mark King is responsible for leading Danos sales initiatives to maintain and expand the company's customer base. He joined Danos in 2012 as senior account manager. Mark is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds a BS in kinesiology.  Mark King 


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