Enterprise Resource Planning Coming to Danos in 2015


By: James Callahan

A team of Danos employees, representing various functional areas of the organization, has completed an analysis of several potential ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software systems. The team has selected Microsoft’s AX ERP system coupled with ADP’s payroll platform. The purpose of the new ERP system is to make all of us more efficient and to move Danos to a system that can support our long-term growth strategy.

The ERP system will certainly make life better for the many employees who will use it every day; however, it’s not magic. In fact, the most important part of the ERP system isn’t the software; it’s your contribution. As we implement the ERP system, we will have the opportunity to improve our processes, and that’s where you come in. As you know, IMPROVEMENT is one of our core values, and as we implement an ERP system, we will be asked to develop creative solutions that will improve our ability to solve challenging business problems. You will be at the forefront to CHALLENGE AND DEBATE how we should use the system, and we will need everyone to be OPEN TO CHANGE as we implement the system. The result of putting these two HPC traits into action will be a best-in-class ERP to address the needs of Danos and make our work lives better.

Danos will partner with Tribridge as our implementation provider. Their engagement in the process is expected to begin in a couple of weeks, and it will last until a few weeks after we “go live” with the system. Throughout the majority of the project, Tribridge will have 3 to 4 people on site to assist and ensure a successful conversion.

As for our timeline, we are planning to convert payroll to ADP on July 1, 2015. The core ERP system, including: accounts receivable, job costing, billing, accounts payable, purchasing, general ledger, financial reporting, fixed assets, project management, accounting and basic human resource functionality, is projected to convert on Sept. 1, 2015. API is projected to migrate to the ERP system on Jan. 1, 2016, with the above features, plus inventory and quoting system capabilities. Additional functionality, that will be reviewed and cost justified for implementation throughout the organization in 2016 and beyond, includes added HR self-service capabilities, inventory, quoting and equipment management.

Implementation involves a tremendous amount of work, and it all starts in January as we define what Danos processes will look like in the future. Once we define the future state of our processes, we will begin to evolve those processes immediately to have a more evolutionary approach to our business process changes so that we can avoid radical or revolutionary changes. As we implement, we are also considering how we can limit ERP core system modifications. For example, we will not likely make any changes to how everyone reports time, as this will reduce the need to have every employee impacted by a change in time reporting. As we manage change, please remember to be OPEN TO CHANGE and to CHALLENGE AND DEBATE. These two HPC traits will serve us well as we endeavor to deliver the best possible ERP solution for Danos now and in the future.

Submitted by: Director of Finance & Administration James Callahan

James Callahan

As vice president of operations, James will provide strategic oversight and management of the company’s project and production services. He is charged with the successful operations of projects and production activity worldwide, communicating with customers, ensuring quality work and adherence to safety policies, and estimating costs and managing financial and budget activities. James is a graduate of Nicholls State University and holds a Masters of Business Administration and B.S. in Computer Science. He joined Danos in 2013.


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