And the Good Catch Award Goes to...


By: Jason Finstad

Congratulations to Eric Urioste, Danos lease operator for Chesapeake Energy, who was recently awarded Chesapeake's Good Catch Award. Eric used stop work authority (SWA) while on location when he noticed a worker not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Eric describes the event below:

“While pulling into location, I could see another worker on top of the tanks. As I got out of my vehicle, I noticed he was not wearing his hard hat. Upon further inspection, I saw he did not have safety cones out in front of his truck, the wheels were not chocked, the fire extinguisher was not outside readily available, and the vent hose was not connected. I used SWA and asked the driver if I could have a moment to speak with him.

After going over what safety procedures were missing to protect him, I asked if he was new on the job. The driver stated he was not new, and in fact, he's been hauling oil for years. This is a good example of how even the most experienced people in the oil and gas industry can get complacent."

Eric submitted a WATCH card for the SWA and received Chesapeake's Good Catch Award. He received a hard hat in recognition of his efforts.

Not only did Eric use his SWA, but he was also was looking out for a father, brother, uncle and co-worker. By taking short cuts and being complacent, these missed steps could have easily resulted in an injury to someone. By looking out for one another and effectively communicating, we can encourage everyone on our team to keep their heads in the game and use all our proper PPE to get home safely.

Jason Finstad

Jason Finstad has over six years of experience in safety between production and construction in the oil and gas industry. His career with Danos as a Safety Specialist began in West Texas in 2018. Recently, Jason has relocated from West Texas to South Texas to continue overseeing safety.


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