ERP System Upgrade


By: James Callahan

Many employees have spent much of 2015 working diligently on implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for Danos.  The system being implemented has two major components which have been designed to best meet the needs of our internal and external customers. You will recall that the first system cut over occurred when payroll converted to ADP on September 1. 

The second system cut over was the implementation of Microsoft's AX system as of January 1, 2016.  The implementation team has spent much time setting up and testing the Microsoft AX system to best meet our internal and external customer needs.   The AX system, like ADP, allows us to quickly move into new areas and meet the compliance demands of government entities throughout the United States.  Additionally, we will have better information about the projects we perform for our customers. 

While the cut over to AX officially occurred on January 1, 2016, we will continue to process 2015 transactions in our old system (MAS) for the next couple of weeks.  All 2016 transactions (requisitions, purchase orders, accounts payable invoices, account receivable invoices, etc.) will be processed in the new AX system.  Accordingly, we are “transitioning” into AX over the next couple of weeks.  As we approach only working in AX, we will have some additional changes occur with some of the Intranet applications such as time sheet processing.   The system changes for most employees who only interact with Intranet applications such as EMS will continue to be minimal and more information will be forth coming as we transition the Intranet applications to interface with AX only. 

These new systems will greatly improve our ability to serve our customers while improving the efficiency of our processes.  The implementation is a perfect reflection of our values of service and improvement which directly support our vision to become the standard of operational excellence and customer service by which every company in our industry is measured.  Various processes throughout the organization were redesigned to be best in class solutions to ensure that we support our vision.  The new system will require some changes in how we operate and in some cases work has  shifted between work groups to facilitate the best overall process. 

Additionally, the new system is not as familiar to us as the one we have used for over 20 years.  Accordingly, I would ask that everyone realize that AX represents a large step forward in supporting our long term growth strategy and that it also represents change which can be viewed as a challenge for us to meet.  Over the next several months, we will continue to make system improvements and “bolt on“ additional functionality to ensure that the entire ERP system adds to our overall efficiency and provides us with the best possible information for decision making.  The AX implementation will solve many challenges for us and it will create new opportunities for improvement.  I know that Team Danos’ passion for winning will continue to drive us to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves during this implementation.

James Callahan

As vice president of project services, James provides strategic oversight and management of the company’s project management services line. He is responsible for successful operations of projects worldwide, providing integrated total project support for customers’ onshore and offshore activity. James is a graduate of Nicholls State University and holds a Masters of Business Administration and B.S. in Computer Science. He joined Danos in 2013.


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