Error Free for Barry Briley


By: Kerry Guidry

Material Coordinator Barry Briley was recently commended by Danos Environmental and Waste Management Supervisor for BP Martin Griffiths on his support and assistance with manifesting over 100 truckloads of waste error free.

Martin’s letter to Supply Base Team Lead Cathy Williams:


I wanted to take a moment to commend Barry Briley for his efforts this week. As you know, we were overwhelmed with manifesting due to the demand created by the United States Coast Guard order affecting transfer site/disposal facilities across the Gulf. Barry was instrumental in supporting, and assisting in manifesting over 100 truckloads of waste, working tirelessly on not just the manifesting, but also the coordination and logistics that accompanies such a project. Furthermore, Barry demonstrated the one-team approach by working additional hours, and splitting his shifts to accommodate the enormity of the workload. Furthermore, because of Barry’s efforts, and due diligence, this was also completed without a single manifesting error.

Well done Barry, and a sincere THANK YOU!

Martin Griffiths
BP Environmental and Waste Management Supervisor

Kerry Guidry

Kerry began his career with Danos in October 2013 as a project manager on the Deep Water Horizon environmental response team. He currently serves as an operation manager. 


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