4WARD: Fabrication Focus


By: Mark Danos

Over the last month, we have had a few wins in our fabrication group worth noting that speak to our Fabricaton Focus strategy…consolidate, optimize, integrate, and focus.

  • Two weeks ago, we shared pictures of our “pancake party” in our consolidated Amelia facility. This was to celebrate the award by Shell for the fabrication of a pancake deck on the Stones FPSO. This fab win was the result of a focused effort by both Business Development and Operations knowing that a fab win would put us in position to win the offshore installation of this deck and ongoing offshore facility maintenance. To date, we have won both the fabrication and offshore install and are optimistic about the ongoing facility maintenance. These two wins together will involve project management, fabrication, construction, automation, and scaffolding…truly an integrated opportunity that links back to our strategy.
  • While we are on the subject of “pancakes”, last week we successfully completed and loaded out another pancake deck for Hess. What started out as a relatively straightforward project, doubled in scope and complexity. With a very aggressive schedule at play, our customer was confident enough in our ability to optimize the execution of this project that they awarded the job to us directly without going out to the market for bids. In addition to the recently completed pancake deck, we are also fabricating all of the associated pipe for this deck and plan to perform the offshore installation of both deck and piping in Equatorial Guinea…another integrated opportunity where success links directly back to our strategy. The pictures below are not quite as appetizing as the “pancake party” but provide some context for this other recent “pancake” win.

  • Another example of both optimization and focus is in our fabrication team’s ability to manage non-productive time. We have seen a reduction from 20-25% in Q2 to 5-10% in Q3. This translates to a price reduction resulting in opportunity for more project wins.

The examples above speak to the tenets of our Fabrication Focus in action…consolidate, optimize, integrate, and focus…and how success in fabrication leads to additional opportunities for our project team. Great job team!

Mark Danos

Mark began his career at Danos in the Larose fabrication shop as a blaster / helper during his high school summers. After a long hiatus from Danos involving a stint at LSU to get his mechanical engineering degree, a year of mission work in Kenya, and 10 years with ExxonMobil doing project work around the world, Mark returned in 2013. Mark is an owner and executive responsible for project services.


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