By: Mark King

Face-to-Face Interaction (F2F) is defined as the social interaction carried out without any mediating technology. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, our ability to engage F2F with our coworkers and customer base has been drastically compromised over the last year. Technology helped us stay connected during one of the most challenging years in recent history. Microsoft Teams, email, text and phone calls at one point were our sole means of communication. We should continue to take advantage of those communication platforms, but as we start to rebound towards normalcy, I’d like to outline three simple benefits of F2F interaction.

  • Team/Relationship Building – F2F interaction allows us to build upon the “team” component and better facilitates collaboration. Relationships aren’t built with a text message, phone call or through a computer screen.
  • Body Language – F2F interaction allows us to pick up on nonverbal cues that might help steer conversation and decision making.
  • Accountability - F2F interaction seems to facilitate more accountability during a meeting, customer engagement or industry event.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been pleased to see a rapid increase in customer, industry and Danos engagements. In each case, there was a palpable feeling of relief, excitement and appreciation to be back in front of our customers and co-workers.

At our Annual Houston Crawfish Boil on May 6, masks were replaced with smiles, handshakes and even hugs in some cases. This was our largest customer engagement in over 16 months! Now I’m pleased to see that Danos offices are now fully open for employees and visitors. As we all begin to welcome each other back, I challenge our organization to keep pushing forward F2F in the right direction.

Mark King

As sales manager, Mark King is responsible for leading Danos sales initiatives to maintain and expand the company's customer base. He joined Danos in 2012 as senior account manager. Mark is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds a BS in kinesiology.


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