Father's Day


By: Issac Dantin

At Danos, we encourage our employees to have integrity, to treat everyone with respect and to feel empowered to make the right decisions. That’s exactly what happened with both Danos and Shell employees recently when one of our own had a family crisis.

On Father’s Day, Scaffold Builder Joe Simmons Sr. received a call that no father wants to hear: his seven-year-old son had been injured in a pool incident and was unresponsive. To make matters worse, Joe was offshore on Shell’s Enchilada platform, miles away from Joe Jr. As a father, I can only imagine the torment that he was going through.

Without hesitation, and without feeling the need to ask for permission, Shell PIC Jason Glenn called for special helicopter transportation to send Joe back home from offshore to meet his son and family. Jason worked with Jeff Stephens of Shell and Danos Construction Superintendent Andrew Crappel to coordinate a flight.

As soon as he landed, Danos Project Services Safety Manager Jim Heney and Danos Safety Specialist Blake Westerman were waiting for Joe at the heliport to escort him to his son’s side. Because everyone came together, they were able to get Joe to his son within a matter of hours. Thankfully, Joe Jr. is safe and expected to make a full recovery.

This is the best response that could have happened in a very unfortunate situation. Andy Pilney, operations manager for Shell Upstream Deepwater, had the below to say, and I think he sums it up well:

“That, folks, is when you know your company and its employees have a moral compass and know when to do the right thing by its people and their partners. That is why I have confidence each day to know that our men and women on the front line know the right thing to do and when to do it. Would every company do that? Maybe not. But we at Shell and the partners we do business with like to think we lead the way when it comes to the moral standards of our employees.”

At Danos, we always say that our people are our most valuable assets, and I’m proud to be a part of a team that shows this by taking care of one another. When we come together to do this, it truly makes the Danos difference.


Issac DantinIssac began his career at Danos in 1996 as a roustabout at the Leeville shorebase and worked his way to shorebase supervisor. He was named Field Employee of the Year in 2007 and was later hired on by Chevron. He returned to Danos in 2010 and currently serves as safety director.


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