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Last week, Danos' safety team issued a challenge to do a better job at identifying and isolating hazards pertaining to LOTO, energy isolation, cable removal, and pressure testing across the board. Our field leaders shared why safety is everyone's responsibility...

As field leaders, we accept the great responsibility to do everything we can to ensure we protect, help, inform, and train crew members. Our crew members and their families put their trust in our leadership capabilities to get them home safe. If we fail to lead, we lead to fail. I’ve made mistakes in the past where I should have stopped a job or asked for assistance or guidance, but have learned from my mistakes. If we don’t learn from our mistakes and continue to pass down unsafe practices, we are not doing the next generation of leadership justice. We may be unknowingly affecting our own kid, nephew, niece etc. who may work under one of these leaders one day. - Construction Superintendent Ronald Gardner

Either people are in a hurry to complete the job task at hand or they get complacent in their daily activities. By following the policies and procedures, we can greatly reduce the chance of an incident or accident. - Coatings Foreman Roy Simmons

We always try to follow all the policies that Danos and LOOP have in place. I guess that is why LOOP in Galliano will be celebrating 16 years IFO. It’s not hard to make sure you and your crew follows the JSEA’s permits and all other procedures. Make sure to check their work and pass on any knowledge that can help them get better. Please take some time to review these policies with your team. Let’s all work safe and as LOOP’s safety theme states, “Intervene in 2018”. - Odis Pope, Maintenance Supervisor at LOOP’s Clovelly Facility

Have you reviewed the policies with your team members?

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