Field Employee of the Year Nominees Announced


By: Mai Nguyen

Danos is excited to announce the nominees
for the Dwain “Hog” Carrell 2015 Field Employee of the Year.

A record number of nominations were submitted this year which included supporting documentation on how the person lived the Company Values.  The nominations also addressed how the person demonstrated the High Performance Culture Traits.  Please join us in CONGRATULATING the following nominees:

Allen Craft

Allen is a driver working in the Coatings Division with over 3 years of services with Danos. Allen is described as having “a knack for good communication skills.” The nomination highlights that “Allen has good people skills which would lead to success with interactions and communication in the field and in the community.”

Brent Landry

Brent is a warehouse supervisor working in the Amelia fabrication yard with 1.7 years of Danos service time.  The nomination states that “he always maintains the standards and puts into practice integrity, safety, along with personal courage.” He is described as demonstrating his passion for winning from “giving 110% on every project and has worked extreme overtime over the course of the year.”

Brian de la Fe’

Brian is a construction manager in the Productions Services Division working in the Permian Basin with Oxy.  He has 1.4 years of service time with Danos.  A few words to describe Brian from his nomination include “natural leader” and a “go-getter.” He was noted for his WOW factor to “actively seek self-improvement and work place innovation.”

Carlton Bethley

Carlton is a cook working at the bunk house in Larose with almost 9 years of Danos service time.  The nomination notes he exemplifies being Open to Change because “he’s worked in the bunkhouse, cooked at tailgates, worked in the fabrication shop and even took shifts in Alabama when called upon.” He also, “cares about the team and is always on watch to minister to those less fortunate on and off the job.”

Cecil Waters

Cecil is a superintendent working in the Construction Division.  He has 7.6 years of service time with Danos.  The compelling reason included in the nomination is, “he puts the safety of his crew first and foremost in every situation.” It also states that “he coaches everyday by placing crew members in challenging positions and showing guys they can do better by getting involved.”

Chase Newton

Chase is a superintendent in the Construction Division, and has been with the company for 1.6 years.  The nomination indicates, “his service to this company has been top tier.” His WOW factor states that “he wakes up every day with a smile on his face and embraces whatever challenge is given to him.”

Corey Conley

Corey is a project manager for the Project Management Division working with Chevron. He has 1.7 years of service with Danos. He is noted to portray all Danos values which also includes Improvement by providing “coaching and advice to improve the skill set of those on the team.” It is also noted that Corey “wants to exceed all requirements and raise standards of service and performance.”

James Drinkwine

James is a pumper in the Production Services Division working in the Marcellus region with APEX Energy accumulating nearly 1 year of Danos service time.  James is credited with going “out on his own accord and sought out a new customer in the Appalachian region.” His nomination detailed that “he played a big part in helping change the safety culture through the Marcellus business unit.”

Jerry Hendrix, Jr

Jerry is a project coordinator in the Amelia fabrication yard with 2.4 years of Danos service time.  He is described as, “a fierce competitor that wants to win.”  The nomination states that, “he is integral to the overall operational improvement of the yard and executes with little guidance.”

Jesus Rivera

Jesus is a scaffold builder in the Scaffolding Services group, and he has almost 2 years of Danos service time.  Jesus is described as someone who “empowers team work each and every day” and “always looking out for his fellow employees.”

Kermit Menard

Kermit is a warehouseman in the Production Services Division working on Shell Olympus with 13.7 years of Danos service time.  The nominations stated that, “his out the box ideas have driven a team to improve safety on a corporate level that is communicated not only to our employees but customers as well.” Also, “he demonstrated participating in coaching when he took the initiative to help coach and mentor our Danos coatings crew while working on location.”

Lonny Griffin

Lonny is a shipping and receiving clerk in the Production Services Division working at the Chevron Leeville shorebase with 1.4 years of Danos service time.  He is stated to be “the epitome of a team player. He will go outside of his normal duties to help fellow employees.”

Mark Doiron

Mark is a site lifting coordinator and operations floor lead in the Production Services Division working at the BP PMF with 9.3 years of Danos service time.  He is described as, “constantly seeking ways to improve himself within and beyond his job scope, and is highly respected among BP leadership and his peers.” The nomination states his most compelling trait is that “he puts Danos before himself while on the job and embodies all our values and HPC traits.”

Michael Dufrene

Michael is a foreman in the Fabrication Services Division with 7.5 years of service time with Danos working at the Larose fabrication yard.  The nomination highlights “Mike is always coming up with new ideas (sometimes too many) to better our process.” Also, “he will not hesitate to provide coaching or trouble-shooting advice even if it is outside of the material handling area.”

Michael Shields

Michael is a field electrician in the Instrumentation and Electrical Division with almost 1 year of Danos service time.  The person nominating him said, “Michael has been passionate in advancing and improving members of his team.” The compelling reason for his nomination is that “he wants to be to be here for years and is willing to do whatever is needed.”

Roy Steele Jr.

Roy is a lead operator in the Production Services Division with 19.8 years of Danos service time working with Freeport McMoran.  The nomination indicates that, “he empowers teamwork to solve the problems.” He’s described as someone who “wants the best out of each of his teammates; he will go out of his way to teach everyone.”

Scott Soto

Scott is a blaster painter foreman in the Coatings Division.  He has almost 3 years of service time with Danos.  The nomination indicates that, “he recently received the BOSS Hog Award on Shell Brutus for his dedication to safety and passion for success.” He also took a Bias to Action by “learning a new coating system and application method so that he could ensure Danos was successful on a high level Shell paint campaign.”

Thomas “Jeff” Lander

Jeff is a superintendent in the Construction Services Division working with 15.8 years of Danos service time.  His nomination describes, “that Danos company values have not been taught or learned, but truly are his personal beliefs.” It also states that he “continues to adapt to the industry and customer needs in respect to performance, safety, and craftsmanship.”

We are very proud of the list of nominees submitted for the Dwain “Hog” Carrell 2015 Field Employee of the Year.  Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations.    

Mai Nguyen

Mai is a human resources specialist based at the headquarters office. Mai began her career at Danos in 2009 as a human resources administrative assistant and then spent some time as a recruiter. She has a BS in marketing and holds an MBA.


Edith Rubio || 16-Mar-2016 04:47 PM
Congratulations to all of the nominees for this prestigious award. Good luck to all of you, and especially to Mr. Carlton Bethley, whom I hear cooks up some delicious meals at the bunkhouse in Larose, and also, to Mr. Jesus Rivera, the Danos scaffold builder, whom my husband Eduardo speaks so highly of. Good luck gentlemen!!!!

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