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FOCUS 2018 identifies three priority initiatives and what we strive to accomplish with each. These strategic priorities will continue to fuel Danos’ growth and empower each of us to play an active role. The work you do is critical to the success of these initiatives and our entire organization. Here are Paul, Eric, and Mark explaining each of our strategic Initiatives for 2018:

Customer Centric

Understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs before they ask. Organizing and planning engagement efforts, so that our customer outreach is integrated and strategic. Today’s market demands that we operate efficiently – aggressively improving processes and rooting out waste. We know that we are better than our competition; we must be able to prove it by quantifiably demonstrating Danos’ value. We will continue to do the things well that built this company – protect and build on our base.

Employee Development

Sustaining a transformational learning culture requires focus on customer challenges as a basis for planning employee development. Efforts will be complementary to other strategic initiatives as we work toward common goals and align resources. Leaders are essential to Danos’ success and continuing to prepare them to support and empower employee learning remains a priority. Progress will be made on building a framework for competency development which will set a strong foundation for the future.

Permian Focus

As the importance of shale increases, we need to continue building on our great momentum in the Permian Basin. We are staffing and developing an organization for this region that is capable of executing all Danos service lines such as Construction, Project Management, Automation and Coatings, while also supporting integrated (non-silo) service to our customers. As this model continues to succeed in the Permian, we’ll implement it in other shale geographies where we do business.

Please keep a copy of this handout at your desk, and stay tuned to The Pipeline for regular FOCUS 2018 updates. Thank you for being a part of team Danos and for helping us achieve our goals.

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